Not Your Average Coach

Why Settle For Average Anyway?

Lake Wanaka, NZ

Montserrat, Spain

Montserrat, Spain

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Lake District, UK

I’m Not Your ‘Average’ Coach

I grew up as your regular average kid. I’ve been pretty active and outgoing since young. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. One day during my university time, I just lost a sense of purpose and crawl into ‘dejected state’, avoiding social encounters and shut myself out. Imagine sitting in my room staring blank at the wall, questioning your own existence.

Physical activities such as weight training, martial arts & yoga lifted me up and through those dim moments. These ‘movements’ helped influence and shape how I choose to practice my life and work today, the best I can. And soon grew into my passion – to inspire and help others attain their best versions of themselves through optimum fitness.

Fitness isn’t just about looking good. There are so much more to gain by being FIT. When travelling, you can opt to explore destinations that isn’t occupied by the usual crowd. You get to enjoy the surroundings from a different perspective. You could jog around the blocks early mornings and indulge into the local living culture, almost having the entire space to yourselves. In sports, you are able to perform better, stronger whilst reducing chances of injuries. You own an advantage over your peers because you have better endurance. And you could readily join your children or grandkids in activities and more importantly keep up with them, instead of watching from the sidelines. Plus, you do not fall sick as often, and would most probably reduce or eliminate off  chronic pains, illnesses & diseases that you suffer.

For things that interests me, I’d love to try for the challenge, and prove whether its true or just hearsay.

I’ve tried all kinds of diet…now being plant based (vegetarian) the past 16 years, and I’m fitter than before.

I’ve engaged in weightlifting, bodyweight training, circuit conditioning, yoga, internal martial arts, and trail running among others. Each has its merits depending on your goals. Understand that its not so much the various form of exercises, but how you approach and apply your training within those modalities.

I’ve bungy-jump 3 times, each time still as frightening.

I’ve tried ice cold showers for consecutive days during winter after reading it would boost immune system…but end up falling sick severely for a week. We all learn from experience through doing it the wrong & right way eventually.

I strongly BELIEVE – Movement is a Privilege. And we all should and could protect our mobility for as long as we can. It’s a Long Term Game. On the other hand… weight loss, fat loss or the reverse is not as complicated as you think. You just need the right strategic plan for you body. Regardless, you need to start by following the ‘Inside Out’ Approach. 

I love the internet and it’s vast information within your fingertips …in seconds. Sadly the web also contains much BS that most definitely cause misinformation and confusion, hindering your capacity for true transformation. My job is to clarify and straighten things out. 

I’ve spoken at seminars, events and workshops and help created health & fitness programmes for corporations and organizations.

I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to coach people from various countries and diverse walks of life including CEO’s, artists, successful entrepreneurs, athletes, to everyday super-mums.

It has been truly a privilege to be invited into the lives of others, to share my philosophy, to be trusted enough to play an important role & help transform their lives.

For me, coaching isn’t just “I SAY, YOU DO”. We go into a discovery journey together to help you identify and move towards your best version!

Background | Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Health & Fitness | UBC, Canada
  • Certified Personal Trainer | American Council On Exercise (ACE) US
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist | National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) US
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist | US
  • Certified Diet Specialist | UK
  • Fitness Theory | BCRPA Approved Canada
  • Weight Training Instructor Course | Vancouver, Canada
  • Certified Yoga Instructor | Yoga Vidya Dham, India
  • Certified Thai Massage Level IV | ITM, Thailand
  • Certified Golf Conditioning Specialist | US


Ben Yeoh, BHK,CSCS,CPT,CNS is an accomplished personal transformational coach and fitness advisor who specializes in human movement. He has personally consulted, coached and trained more than 7,000 people through private sessions, groups, and workshops over the past 13 years.

Well educated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics (Health & Fitness) from the University of British Columbia, Canada, Ben is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is also one of the pioneers in Malaysia to become certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Additionally, he is a certified nutritionist, certified yoga teacher as well as Certified Thai Massage Level IV Practitioner.

Ben is known as the Body Transformation Specialist, because most of his clients come to him whether to lose weight or improve muscle  conditioning, and successfully achieve their goals in record time. Through traveling the world and training in various modalities, Ben has gained a deeper understanding of the body, its movements and functions. He’s also grasped the intricate connections of strength and flexibility, mind-body, and active vs. passive movement.

Some of Ben’s other experience includes hosting the ‘Fit & Fabulous’ workshop with all proceeds going to Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) and previously Master Trainer for FIT who conducted regular fitness educational courses for aspiring and existing fitness professionals. He served as Shape Magazines (M) In House Trainer & Columnist and Performance Coach for Skechers (M). He is also the fitness advisor for the recent Jom Mama project 2015 -collaboration between Health Ministry & NovoNordisk, an initiative to prevent & tackle onset of diabetes & obesity.

Ben and his programs has been featured in ESPN’s MyEG Xtra time, NTV 7, NST, Shape Magazine, Men’s Health, Expatriate Lifestyle, and other publications. In 2009, he led the inaugural mass group exercise for National Cancer Society of Malaysia’s (NCSM) Relay For Life – Fight against Cancer Event with over 5,000 participants. He is also involved with Malaysia Airlines on-going social responsibility program for MERCY Malaysia.

Currently, Ben conducts workshops for corporations, clubs, and affiliations seeking a positive change in their employees’ health & wellness as well as customized fitness based events. His clients include Malaysia Airlines, DHL, Unilever Food Solutions, Golden Screen Cinema, Petronas, Maxis, INTI, Abbot Nutrition, Orica, F&N Beverages, Melbourne Business School, Shin-Etsu Handotai (Malaysia) , etc.