6 Rules To Your Ultimate Fitness & Fat Loss

How To Lose Weight / Lose Fat ?!? The same questions I’ve been bombarded during this period of CNY gatherings in Kuala Lumpur.

Despite the increase in public health awareness, from friends to clients to workshop participants to the general public whom I’ve a chance to interact with; right until today…we are still very much MISINFORMED and MISGUIDED. So here is my attempt to share and clear out as much confusion as I can in a single post. Pardon my long windedness (at times it’s necessary for your own good, just like your parents who nag you once upon a time).

I figured out a lot during these past 12+ months some principles in terms of creating better outcomes. And it starts with the right information.

When you’re better informed —> you make better choices —> leads to better results —> creating better life —> HAPPY!!!

Let’s take an example, if you read and digest the wrong information on exercise and nutrition, you might think you’re making a healthier choice by eating cereals for breakfast and substitute margarine over butter for weight loss. I’m not saying you can’t have cereals, but for what reason? And you didn’t know margarine (increases x2-3 the risk of breast cancer in women & prostate cancer in men due to trans-fat) … THAT IS FAR WORSE than butter? Heck, I enjoy pizza and French fries (which isn’t even made from potatoes at all) once a while, but I know it isn’t helping me to build muscle and lose weight. So you might be on the right track (in taking action), but you’re heading on the opposite direction (with wrong information). And if you felt I didn’t make sense, I don’t blame you. We had been brainwashed with the wrong ideas courtesy of the slick food marketing campaigns. But my focus today is not educating you on what to eat, and what not to eat. So we’ll leave it to that.

So here’s what successful people as well as my clients do upon starting their life changing journey to a better body, I find that these principles work in all aspects of our lives… I’ve studied, observed and learned from my most successful clients, friends and mentors, NO SH*T  🙂

1)      They create S.M.A.R.T. Goals 

Not need my explanation, google ‘Setting SMART Goals’ and there are some nice explanatory examples. Regardless whether it is ‘SMART’, you DO need a plan!

2)      They take DECISIVE and IMMEDIATE Action

They start almost immediately, NOT after the weekend, after the holidays,  or after Puasa, Chinese New Year, Xmas, after more free time, after joining a gym…NOT after buying the latest exercise clothes & sports shoes, after the exams, after changing jobs, after XXX….. after YYY…..REMEMBER, ”A goal without action is just a dream”

They just plunge into action, and usually are the ones achieving faster and greater results instead of those waiting…Forever! 

I see and meet a lot of individuals carrying excess weight, or suffer some form of health related issues. Funny thing is they know everything theoretically in regards to exercise, they know all the diets, they can name you training methods most trainers never even heard of, they can teach you how and what to eat…but they’re still FAT. I’m trying not to be judgmental, I just hope you get my point. There lies the difference between knowing how to do something VS. Actually Doing It!!! They say Knowledge is Power…here’s my elaborated version


3)      They MAKE INFORMED Decisions

How true is it that Your Decisions Shape Your Destiny? I totally believe so! I learned this from my mentor & good friend. That’s why it’s important to have the education & knowledge on respective field to be able to make better decisions. When you have studied and understand the facts on certain areas, you can act more logically and rationally, instead of being emotionally caught up. Remember what I mentioned earlier….

When you’re better informed —> you make better choices —> leads to better results —> creating better life —> HAPPY!!!

Otherwise, if you’re misinformed in the first place, AND it wouldn’t matter what decision you make, since it’s already wrong to begin with.  You’ll end up wasting your time, possibly drifting you further away from your goals.

4)      They focus on being PRODUCTIVE, not being BUSY

Being ‘Productive’ means achieving maximum work done in least amount of time. This very much applies when it comes to exercise. ASK Yourself: Are you working out with enough intensity? It really boils down to Intensity (in accordance to your current physical fitness level). That’s the ultimate way to challenge your body. If you apply the right dose of effort & right method, you don’t need to bore yourself countless hours in the gym. Why perform 2-3 hours if you can achieve the same results in 30-45 minutes or less effectively? The problem nowadays is a lot of gym goers own the ‘more time spent in gym = more effort done = more results’ mentality (more accurately ILLUSION), when most of the time is wasted on chatting, fiddling and FACE-BOOKING the phone, ‘CHECKING THEMSELVES OUT’ i.e. admiring themselves in the mirror, or just resting too D*MN long between exercises.

SOLUTION: Review honestly how you work out! Increase the Intensity!

5)      They AVOID Being PERFECT

I must admit I fall victim to this too (And I own the excuse because I was born under this horoscope / star being Libra…just kidding). We all are perfectionist in our own certain ways. Setting high standard and having the desire for excellence seems like a good trait? Of course, provided we don’t get caught up by it. The truth is ‘being perfect’ doesn’t work so well. I’ve seen and met a lot of people wanting to better health, hate their current body condition, desire to transform their physical outlook…But when it comes to making the change, they are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect exercise program, the perfect diet to follow, the perfect weather, the perfect shoes…You know what I mean? STOP THE PERFECT EXCUSE. . .OR YOUR END RESULT —–> Stay the same. PLEASE! WAKE UP! PLEASE!

Understand that you can never be perfect, you can only move closer to ‘perfection’. The longer you wait, the further away you are.

So just start at 1 and work towards 10. Perform on modified (knee down) push up and eventually complete 30 full push ups. Begin walking 10-15mins and soon you’ll run 2-3 km within the same time.  Climb up 2-3 levels for work. Jump in the pool. Join your friends for hiking or biking. Whatever that gets you moving. Start NOW and learn to enjoy the process.  You’ll be reaching your goals faster than ‘imagining’ your perfect conditions.

Perfectionists don’t get rewarded in the real world, Actionist (Action takers) grab them first.

6)      They WORK outside their COMFORT ZONE 

Remember the saying ‘We are all creatures of habit’…I guess we generally stay where we are, or maintain how we do things since it feels the most secure and comfortable.  Yet we admire, complain or ‘go envy’ over others achievement from the outside when we don’t see what really goes behind – the dedication, commitment and effort put in to achieve those results. I could go on, (whether you agree or not) but it really boils down to the below if you seek TRUE RESULTS…



Now we’ve gotten all the success habits & practices covered, let’s go into what you need to do. It’s about taking the RIGHT ACTION, i.e. making informed choices as I talked about earlier. Here’s a summary taken from one of my wellness workshop’s slide of what you need to do right now IF you’re struggling to see results. It may some simple, but these are timeless fundamentals to achieving faster fat loss and a healthier body.

I term them the ‘MORE’ principles of life. I’m just gonna brief through each so you get a better idea.

1) Drink MORE

Most people nowadays dont drink enough…WATER that is. They’re downing everything else which are loaded with calories, and they include that as part of their daily water intake. You need to consume at least 3-4 litres of Plain Old’ Crystal Clear Water …the other beverages don’t count (and you shouldn’t be drinking too much of them either). If you engage in exercise on that day, you should be drinking even more. The reason in short is that a well hydrated body will allow your metabolism to function more optimally. Plus, sometimes dehydration send false hunger signals for you to EAT. So go drink your H2O!


Whatever the food pyramid guide is given to you by the government or health department, don’t follow. It’s counter productive when your goal is fat loss. The guidelines which include high servings of carbohydrates is NOT recommended. EAT MORE OF THE OPPOSITE! Cut down on the sugar and processed (refined) carbs, they are hindering your weight loss goals and affecting your health at large! I’m not asking you to avoid them completely, just be aware of the consequences…So the best way is to FOCUS ON ONE INGREDIENT FOOD – i.e. anything that is made of one ingredient. Beef is beef, Broccoli is broccoli, Apple is apple.

WHAT ISN’T 1-Ingredient Food…See picture and guess

Yup, That is BREAD…and it’s made up of all the many ‘ingredients’, you get the picture 🙂

Next, consume at least 25-30 grams of fiber everyday. If you’re unsure how much, just triple your veggie intake, as the average person eats less than half of it on a daily basis.


You have to integrate resistance training that involves your whole body as much as possible. There are more science to this, and it will take me a long time to explain in details. For now, just understand that the more muscles you move at any given time, the more stimulation you give your body, triggering your metabolism and hormones responsible to burn more fat as well as feeling good. Don’t stress too much on long duration cardio though it has merits. Do short sprints instead. Build those muscles first & save your joints for the long term!


One of the most neglected factors when it comes to weight loss / improving health / fitness results  – is that we sometimes forget to HAVE A KIT KAT. If you’re dumb to believe me literally, I’m using this as a figure of speech borrowed from well known slogan below.

You need to take a break. You need to rest & recover…you need the adequate dose of ‘doing nothing’ to ‘gain something’, or else you will burn out, create more stress hormones that will cause more harm than good, backfire & put yourself in a worst situation that being closer to achieving your goals. Try incorporating deep breathing or progressive relaxation into your weekly schedule. Make sure you get enough quality sleep – at least 6-7 hours. Just like the PC, you need to turn off & reset it once is a while to maintain its optimum functioning, otherwise the CPU and hard drives, etc will overheat, right?

So there you go…I’m writing this as it comes off my mind. Please disregard the grammar. Hope it clarifies some of your confusion and doubts, and provides you a little boost of motivation & nudge in the right direction! Enough time of me facing the computer screen. it’s about time for a quick workout & heading outdoors. So should you.

Good luck , be awesome and let’s go HIT OUR GOALS in 2018!