8 ‘Healthy’ Snack Foods & Drinks that Causes You More Harm Than Good

I’m sure somewhere during the day, you’re searching for something to snack on that is ‘healthy’ , yet satisfy your salt or sweet cravings. The food companies have done well in providing you the solution – quick, reasonably cheap and healthy-choice tasty snacks. Or are they what we’re being marketed to believe so?

Food manufacturers and marketing companies are savvy. They deliver what you want, but it isn’t necessarily good for you. They will take a product that is healthy in its raw form, process and remove its fiber & nutrients, and finally add salt and / or sugar to make it taste better!

Now how does it impact you? In all ways… when a carbohydrate is stripped off its fiber, the slow-timing digestion is gone. You will be consuming a product that is more high glycemic and cause insulin spike. What’s worst is the added sugar only increases this effect. If you follow my previous posts or have read my ‘special report’, you know that these highs & lows blood glucose levels cause fatigue, and further increased fat storage from the ingested food. I’m sure you don’t want that.

Here are some deceptively evil ‘healthy’ food that prey on us trying to making smart choices in our local supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. It’s time you identify them…

1. Granola Bars

Market claimed benefits: A great snack made from whole grain oats.
In Reality: Almost 50% of the carbohydrates of most granola bars come from sugar and contain 1 gram or less of fiber, usually in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

2. NutriGrain Bars

Market claimed benefits: Multi-grain snack
In Reality: The top ingredient listed is high fructose corn syrup with no more than 1 gram of fiber. In addition, it’s processed to have a longer shelf life.

3. Whole wheat biscuits (like Jacob’s WeetaMeal)

Market claimed benefits:  healthy whole wheat snack
Reality: While it’s true that these snacks started out as a whole grain, the end product doesn’t even come close to its original self. Most whole wheat biscuits are enriched, contain high carbs & sugar, palm oils, and artificial additives. Also, there’s hardly any fiber, so they are digested quickly and will definitely spike your sugar levels.

4. Pretzels

Market claimed benefits: A light snack made from wheat.
In Reality: Sodium aside, pretzels are enriched with minimal, if any nutritional value. These twisted snacks are very high glycemic and digest almost as fast as table sugar!

5. Fruit Cup (prepacked)

Market claimed benefits: Fruits are healthy for you.
In Reality: A lot of preservatives added to keep the fruit fresh. Most contain “added sugar” or syrup as their ingredients sweeten them.

6. Fruit Yogurt

Market claimed benefits: Yogurt is good for your digestive system.
Reality: While plain yogurt and other low fat/sugar varieties are healthy, most fruit ones are not. Over 70% of the calories come from sugar.

7. Fruit Juice

Market claimed benefits: Made from fruits
In Reality: Most fruit juices contain less than 100% juice. It’s basically water with ‘sugar’ and ‘flavouring’. The key difference between real fruit and juice is that the  fiber is removed during the juicing process… along with a lot of the natural vitamins. Moreover, heating of the juice during processing destroys majority of its antioxidants and nutrients. If you’re having a fruit juice, take it freshly squeezed and immediately.

8. Energy Drinks!

Market claimed benefits: Quick energy boost.
In Reality: Contains added caffeine and high amount of sugar, at least 26-40g. If consuming one, grab the sugar free version. Add in the 80 – 150 grams of caffeine (which equals to 1-2 cups of coffee), you are suscepting your adrenal glands on overdrive, which subsequently lead to crashes later during the day. Moreover, constant use can bring about adrenal deficiency, along with other fatigue and hormonal issues.

I’m not banning you from the above, just to provide you awareness of the ‘healthy’ snacks or drinks out there you may be consuming without knowing the real facts. In this way you are more capable of making informed decisions when the time arrives to get in shape once again 🙂