If you keep good food in the fridge, you will eat good food

I just stumbled upon a powerful quote which I’d like to share..which you can implement for rapid change when it comes to healthy nutrition for fat loss.

If you’re struggle to lose the extra bulge, I’m sure you know why. Most probably is the unwanted cravings.

The real question is: How do you deal with it?

You MUST start from home. Do a spring clean for your kitchen and get rid of all the ‘bad’ foods (give them to the person you hate : o  …*kidding* ).

I love this quote

‘ If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food’.

Well, if you only store healthier choices at home, you have less chance of consuming the opposite.

>> Make it INCONVENIENT to eat unhealthy <<

Think about it….if you have snacks, chips, chocolates or soft drinks & beer within a stone’s throw (which is in your kitchen or anywhere at home), you will most likely grab & satisfy your cravings. BUT if you need to get out the door, drive out and find a car park, line up and pay for your favourite food…you most probably think twice! That will lessen the chance of succumbing to your indulgence.

That’s just an example. Find the trigger point, whatever that is…. Cut if off and implement an alternative.

Next time you do your groceries, don’t go on an empty stomach or when you’re hungry. Make a healthy list option, and stick to that list.

Another thing you can truly consider and keep in mind is….

Anything that will not rot easily or has an expiry date will put an earlier expiry date on you… Try to focus on fresh one ingredient food (you can read my other articles to find out what is one-ingredient food) . It’s common sense. If you need to extend shelf life of a particular food, you need to add preservatives, nitrates, chemicals, etc …all these toxins accumulate in your body. Thus another reason for your body to cling onto fat to act as a protective buffer.

more toxins in your body = more fat

So, make sure you make better choices. It’s all up to you. Nobody can determine what goes into your mouth, except when you’re a baby. So take responsibility for your own body and health! You can’t change the past, but you can choose what you eat from the next meal onwards…

Stay Healthy /Stay Fit / Stay Strong,

Ben Yeoh