Personal Trainer Kuala Lumpur Reveals The Truth About Fitness Industry in Malaysia

Do you want to the the truth about Personal Trainer Kuala Lumpur, or Malaysia in general? If you ever had a personal trainer, currently train with one, or thought or hiring one in Malaysia, BEWARE! He / She might just be as inexperience as yourself, risking you possible injuries & further health damage, in spite of the positive results you dream of!

The sad scoop about Personal Trainer Kuala Lumpur

I’m serious about this phenomena exisiting across KL, Malaysia, and to a certain degree in Asia. You see, there’s dozens of trainers growing everyday, which seems to be a good thing, don’t you think? People are starting to be aware of their health and see the benefits of exercise. So do these demands for a trainer coach to assist those in need of guidance, support and motivation for an exercise program. The sad truth as I came to realise, is that Personal Trainers in Malaysia see it as another job, not a profession. I can tell you this, over 50% of the Personal Trainers Kuala Lumpur itself are non-qualified.

Chances are these personal trainers, fitness instructors, personal instructor, rapid results coach, health coach, whatever name the fitness centres or health clubs make them sound more credible – have either no certification, or proper fitness knowledge & experience to implement a safe yet effective workout program.

Is your Personal Trainer Kuala Lumpur qualified?

Yes, I’m talking about the mega gyms, the huge chains of fitness clubs that pop up like mushrooms across bigger cities like KL, Penang, Johor, locally and overseas – Singapore , Bangkok, Jakarta, Mumbai, etc. I’m not going to mention names, but I’m sure you know. Here’s a quick picture – Imagine a production factory, but with 2nd grade materials and machinery – these fitness clubs will hire whoever’s willing to take the job, be it a clerk or cleaner, or even transfer another salesperson from another department, throw them into their own 2-3 day fitness course, and TA-DAA, magically transform them into a “CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER”.

Why is this happening? I’m not going to go into details in this post. The more important question is -“How can I avoid being the victim?” Wake up and ask! Ask for your trainers credentials, e.g. what are your qualifications? Education background, certifications? How long have you been a trainer? Be careful though, these fitness clubs will market their trainers as certified. When you do ask, they certainly aren’t lying when they tell you the trainers are qualified/certified. But by who’s standard?

Yes, they’re qualified, because “They’re qualified enough to increase the clubs revenue and put you at risk”. Because that’s the bottomline – Profits! They care about P R O F I T S, not PRO fessional FITness !!! This is giving Professional Personal Trainers a bad name, and I’m here to help to see the difference.

Looking at the bright side of things

Having said so, I do see that some gyms are beginning to invest & upgrade the quality of their trainers, but overall it is still a major problem. To save yourself and your money, Do a search within the internationally certified trainers database like ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NASM. You have a better chance getting someone really qualified. Ask to see their credentials in print. Request for their proven track records (actual testimonials and photos). Challenge them to explain the difference between a fast-twitch & slow-twitch muscle fiber, or what are the four chambers of the heart? you’ll be surprised what you might hear…Google and do a fast read, then ask them. If they can’t answer you, or even try to Bullshit their way across, don’t waste your time!

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To your fitness success,

Ben Yeoh

Update: this ‘Personal Trainer Kuala Lumpur’ post was written a few years back. As of now 2018, I glad to say that the quality of fitness professionals have increase across the region. Having said, I’m still wary for those in big commercial gyms because of their bottomline (revenues), thus attracting and offering sub-par trainer’s experience for its members and clients. Best of luck!