Personal Trainer Malaysia Consumer Warning:

STOP! Before you join a fitness club or buy anything, here’s some quick tips to protect yourself from being scammed by the fitness industry locally…

1) THE CONTRACT – If you’re joining a gym, MAKE SURE you read the the membership agreement & fine print word-by-word. Remember, don’t just ask the membership consultants regarding the club’s terms & conditions, e.g. termination, refunds, extensions, etc. Make them show you as stipulated in the agreement. Because any verbal agreement is considered null.

2) THE COMMITMENT – Do not commit to club memberships over 1 year for two reasons. First, 90% will most probably quit within 90 days. If you think you’re getting a good deal & saving money by commiting to 2-5 years, you’ll end up paying for facilities you’re not even using at all. Secondly, you will always get a good deal every year.

Personal Trainer Malaysia Caution

3) THE ULTIMATE MACHINE – Every now and then, there will be some hi-tech ‘revolutionary’ fitness machine or product that guarantees to bring you the results even faster, with almost zero effort. Well, there’s no free lunch. Period. You gotta work & sweat for results. Any credible fitness professional will tell you that. So, don’t fall for the ‘Quick Fix’ trap.

4) THE MIRACLE CURE – Any diet or weight loss pills are not recommended at all. Sure, they bring results, as well as the potential serious adverse effects. E.g. nervousness, irritability, insomnia, risk for addiction, constipation, bloating, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, indigestion, vomiting, heart palpitations and stroke, the list goes on….even so, the initial weight reducing effect of these drugs / pills wears off over time, therefore needing increased dosages to maintain weight reduction. And when you stop taking these diet pills, your caloric intake shoots up as the pill’s suppressing effect no longer control cravings. Yes, you end up even heavier and fatter, and wonder why! Thus, there’s no alternative to regular exercise & healthy eating habits.

Personal Trainer Malaysia Caution

5) THE TRAINER – I’ve touched briefly on the professionalism, integrity & credibility of a personal trainer. Due to the nature of any business and revenue generation, trainers working in a fitness club are identical to a salesperson (Monthly sales targets, personal target, team goals, etc). They are forced to sell, or they lose out. So what? You’d ask. Of course there are genuine trainers who’s passionate and eager to help…But the environment mostly creates trainers that just want to sell you personal training packages, SALES, SALES, SALES. That’s the bottomline. In fact, it’s almost hilarious to see that the management promoting staffs solely based on their sales, but not on their professionalism, integrity & credibility. Forget the character, Forget the experience, forget the education.

Does it matter to you? Yes, because their priority is selling you , not helping you to achieve your health & fitness goals. Injure you? Most probably. In fact, to get certified nowadays it as easy as taking a 1-2 days workshop or register for an online course, or even ‘In-House/Club’ certification. Now are you willing to risk your money, more importantly your body & health for someone who’s clearly not in the position to guide & coach you? Well, not all trainers are like that. Just be careful. I’ve did mentioned on how to identify them in other articles. Stay tuned as I’ll dedicated an article on ” How to Choose the Right Trainer ” in the future.

Hope the information above will help you avoid the costly mistakes most people make.

Your Body Transformation Coach,

Ben Yeoh
Bach. Human Kinetics