Personal Trainers In Malaysia are scary

Yes, you heard me…personal trainers in Malaysia are scary! Many of them especially if they’re not certified at all.

I remembered chatting with my private client after our session, and he mentioned an ex-trainer called him up and tried to sell him a ‘JAB’.

My client politely declined. And the trainer insisted “It’s not steriods, don’t worry” he said.

Are you kidding me? These scenarios happen quite often not just in Kuala Lumpur where personal trainers will encourage you to take fat burning pills, or needle jabs, or steroids to help you get results. I’ve heard of many cases, and some first-hand experience from my clients. And they promise you it’s safe, just because they’re taking themselves. Freakin’ irresponsible IDIOTS! I’m sorry but I have zero tolerance for this (Personal Trainers In Malaysia, please don’t give the rest of us professionals a bad name).

It’s sad that some clients would listen due to misinformation and lack of knowledge, and trust their ‘trainers’ completely. That’s the problem with the local industry. Non regulated. Anyone can become a trainer / coach.

If you compare to these unethical or non-certified trainers who has bare minimum knowledge on what they’re doing & putting risk to your health and body, in addition to saving you time, money and effort… then I would be a ‘steal’ 🙂  If you’re looking for a bargain, I’m not the right person. I’m here to deliver results!

Having said, I do encourage my clients to consume basic supplementation if the need arises after understanding their daily food intake and lifestyle, but generally a good diet would suffice.

I know there are many credible trainers out there, and I know some of them personally. So next time before you hire one, make sure you find out more about his/her credentials and experience, and don’t listen to everything he/she says! (even me)… I wrote about this before  —> Read this if you haven’t  and also 5 ways to avoid being a victim.

Enough ranting today about personal trainers in malaysia :0

To your awesome health & fitness,

Ben Yeoh