Top 4 Reasons Holding You Back from Faster Fat Loss

Having consulted and conducted personal training in malaysia over the years, it remains alot of confusion and stubbornness in people wanting to lose weight. Being a Malaysian personal trainer in Kuala Lumpur and online transformation coach is quite disheartening (to see exercisers keep failing), especially when there’s so much BULLS*#T going around…

You may feel you doing what’s necessary to lose the fat – Exercising regularly and eating healthily.  Even so, results doesn’t seem to be as promising as you expected, or as quickly as you imagined, perhaps even not any at all. Don’t worry. There might be a couple of things missing from your plan that could be the difference. Here are the 4 important yet overlooked factors that can trigger the sluggish changes in your body and accelerate results.

1. Whats your workout intensity?

You may be working out 5-6 times a week but if you’re not challenging yourself during those workouts, you’re most probably not training hard enough to elicit results.  A useful tip is to take one exercise during each workout and set a personal best at it.  E.g. let’s say you’re performing a circuit and normally train with a particular weight, try increasing the reps within the set time, or raising the weight by 5 pounds.  This will ensure continued progress and help avoid plateaus.  It could also be what you just need to begin seeing changes happening faster.

2. Vary your food choices.

Eating the same thing for too long has a couple of effects.  First, your body will get used to the same old foods all the time and soon acclimate itself on how to metabolize it.  Since our goal is to eat foods that demand the higher amount of work by the digestive system (total thermal effect) to break it down, this works against us.  Secondly, the biggest reasons people fail to stick to their fat loss plans (another being difficult) is B.O.R.E.D.O.M.  Allowing the variety of food choices with assorted flavor is the best bet for ensuring your long term success.

3. Are you drinking enough water? 

Here’s a simple rule to follow. Take in at least half of your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces of water per day (when you’re not exercising).  If you’re working out on that day, drink more.  Water transports nutrients; aids waste removal and makes up most of your muscle tissue.  To ensure a fast metabolism running, you must stay hydrated or everything slows down.  Don’t neglect this. Lack of water could be your limiting factor to lack of results.

4. Sleep and recovery.

In todays demanding society, many people don’t realize this and underestimate its value.  In fact most would sacrifice sleep for other things – work , entertainment, etc. Lack of adequate rest and recovery can hinder the growth of lean muscle responsible for shedding off body fat.  Not only that, your immune system would be down, stress levels go up which increase the release of cortisol – promoting storage of fat. Thus, as important as your workouts, rest & recovery is crucial since this is the period where fat loss and changes take place. Get the Sleep You Deserve!

Exercise and food, food and exercise.  These are the two core components to fat loss success, but must be done right for maximum results and minimum frustration.  If you are struggling now, check the above four factors and see if you’re practicing them consistently. It may be as simple as that…

GO MAKE THE CHANGES for faster & better results!

What about you? What are the changes you made that made the difference?