Here’s some of my clients results

There are so many fitness coaches, health professionals, gimmicks, clubs and other programs that “claim” to produce results.

Results are what you’re after, right? I bet you are…regardless of your age

That’s why I’m going to show you real proof 🙂

Reduce 6 kgs , 6% body fat , 4.0 visceral fat rating

“After 3 months of proper fitness training and a better understanding of what is healthy diet, I finally lost 10kg. Now at 58kg, I’ve finally achieved my target weight. It may be a long journey for me to get here but I am glad I did it the right way.” Ira S. , Kuala Lumpur

6 kgs lighter, stronger and improved knee mobility post surgery

With Client C. Sandquist

Vice President, Prudential Financial

“Thanks for getting my son on track, Ben! He got below 90kg. He is very pleased with himself…passed the Royal Navy Fitness Test. ” Rob Gill

“Thanks to Ben, I am now the fittest I have ever been, and I’m inspired to take it to new levels.”

I’ve been training with Ben since March 2014 and while I have worked with several other trainers before, none of them have helped me achieve my goals and keep me motivated to become stronger, fitter and leaner.

My first interaction with Ben set the tone for what was to come – friendly, understanding, prompt and reliable. I had been working out for 4 years before training with him and at our first assessment I realized that I wasn’t as “fit” as I thought I was.

Ben’s attitude and his approach was what made me feel that I need to push myself harder and that I CAN push myself harder…I followed his workouts diligently and made up a “clean” eating plan for myself…It worked! I could see results in the first 2 weeks with Ben, and in the first month, I had lost 1.5 inches on my waist and 1 inch on my hips.

Since then until now, the workouts with Ben have gotten harder, more intense and also more fun! He brings a calm, positive approach to training and has made me set goals for myself that I didn’t ever think I could achieve… I have embraced bodyweight pushups and burpees – I’m able to do 25 in a minute now! Ben now also trains my husband and we have very fun and challenging joint workouts together.

Ben’s sessions are tailored specifically for me and he keeps track of my progress. He is motivating, supportive, fun and doesn’t budge until I complete all the repetitions. Thanks to Ben, I am now the fittest I have ever been, and I’m inspired to take it to new levels. Ben is the personal trainer you want if you are serious about fitness and making a change in your life… I consider myself to still be a and I’m loving the effects of this lifestyle change – a happier and healthier me!

Janaki K.

“Ben’s expert knowledge of diet and exercise have meant that I trust him implicitly, and so far the results have shown his approach is obviously working for me.”

I feel and look so much better, and the improvement to my self-confidence is endless. Another benefit that I was not expecting is that I have learned to enjoy exercise and recognise the benefits of a regular exercise programme.

When I started this training I had several concerns. My primary concern was due to a back injury I thought might prevent me from being able to complete the programme. However, Ben’s knowledge of the body and the variety of exercises has meant that I have been able to carry out the training without being in pain or making it worse. I find Ben’s attitude during the sessions very encouraging and proactive. I am always encouraged and feel able to give 100% which has led me achieve much greater success.

The changes to my lifestyle have been extremely significant. Changing my diet and starting Ben’s training has meant that I now feel so much healthier. My overall energy levels are much higher and I am sleeping better and experiencing a general all round better life. This is not a short term weight loss programme for me anymore…

Rachel D.

“Great and passionate in coaching”

I love the interactive games & exercise compared to the mundane gym environment. I have a backpain (slip disc)….and now my back pain is gone and I am able to enjoy many outings now i.e trekking, climbing and not forgetting weight lost too !!

Liza L.

I would definitely recommend Ben to all of you!

My problem was I always carry my weight on my waist down and I wanted to lose it but I couldn’t tone up. Now I find that in 6 weeks I lost 11.2 lbs. Always, it’s great that it makes me eat better, work harder…I definitely feel much better, and I know I look better…

Before starting with Ben, I was doing some cardio and weights, but obviously I wasn’t pushing myself enough or doing enough of the right things because I wasn’t getting in shape like I am now. Of course now I’m stronger (2 mins 45 secs of plank, 30 full push ups) and I’m 56 years old…I’m really excited about that. My husband thinks I’m as strong as he is 🙂

Personal fitness coaching is a great thing, it makes you work harder, it gives someone to be accountable to with…

I would definitely recommend Ben to all of you!

Lurline W.

Ben you’re great at encouraging and pushing.

Ben you’re great at encouraging and pushing. And you do make sure that we do the moves properly. I’m motivated to stay fit and feeling more energetic

Sandra C.

“I’ve got what I aimed for”

I’ve got what I aimed for and lost 9.7lbs. I look better and feel better, I’m feeling healthy and loving it, yet more discipline with food – cutting down on all the junk food. I’m getting compliments from people telling me how good I look, and it makes me feel great!!!

Terri. B

“I Love It”

I Love it. Love the variety and learning new ways to challenge myself. Thanks for everything.

Tanya T.

“Your knowledge on form & exercise technique is fantastic.”

Your knowledge on form & exercise technique is fantastic. You keep us accountable! Overall, Fantastic!

Jenn C.

“Ben is eager to help you change for the better”

At the end of the day, it’s your job to look after your body and your trainer is there to guide you. Ben makes it easier for you because he pays attention to all these details, records your progress and sends you regular updates. Also – I like the variety of his stuff, especially his knowledge of functional training, which keeps it interesting.

I’ve definitely become more aware of the importance of the science behind the fitness and having the goals keeps me more on track. Physically, my cardiovascular performance is better than it has been for a very long time and I’m seeing regular improvements.

Ben is eager to help you change for the better, and uses what I think is a personalized approach that is customized for every client. As mentioned above, I benefit greatly from his attention…and the setting of new goals. Otherwise, it’s easy to just go around in circles.

Sean Ghazi, Singer-Actor

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